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Oregon attorney James F. O’Rourke Jr. has practiced as a criminal defense attorney and personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in oregon, representing people in DUII, DUIDrug CrimePropertyMeasure 11 and other crimes and automobile injury accident and death cases for over 30 years. Oregon lawyer O’Rourke works with an extensive network of Oregon professionals from various disciplines to provide effective legal representation for his many clients. Mr. O’Rourke began as a Portland DUII Attorney and Portland Criminal Defense Attorney in 1978.

Mr. O’Rourke is very experienced in defending Oregon health care professionals in criminal cases and board proceedings.


To protect and assert client’s rights while guiding them through the legal process. To provide excellent personal service with integrity. To give clients the peace of mind of feeling truly represented by professionals who care about getting the best possible results for them.

While lawyer James O’Rourke’s principal law offices are in Portland, Gresham and Oregon City, Oregon, Attorney O’Rourke  also sees clients by appointment in offices in Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, St. Helens and Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Criminal Defense

As an Oregon criminal defense lawyer, Mr. O’Rourke defends retained clients in Federal, State and Municipal Courts throughout Oregon state.

Mr. O’Rourke and his staff work as a team for you. In every case, there are four areas in which he can fight the prosecution and win your case: Trial, Negotiation, Sentencing and Appeal. His knowledge and experience will help you choose the areas which will be most likely to produce the best possible results and achieve the goals you set for the case. There are ways of Turning Negatives Into Positives. Mr. O’Rourke knows how to use a client’s problems and shortcomings to the client’s advantage, if the client follows Mr. O’Rourke’s plan for the defense of the case. There are ways of Avoiding Public Attention. Mr. O’Rourke handles many cases that begin in the media, and then disappear. He knows how to lose the press. He knows his Reputation is Based on Results not being on television or in the paper. There are ways to Assert Your Rights and Protect Yourself during an encounter with law enforcement agents or police officers before and after you are charged with a crime. Mr. O’Rourke knows how to Represent you Pre-Charge while you are under investigation. In many cases no charges are filed.

Mr. O’Rourke defends persons being investigated for or charged with: Drug Crimes including Possession, Manufacture, Delivery or Distribution of a Controlled Substance including marijuana, marijuana grows, cocaine, heroin, meth, OxyContin and ecstasy and in related motions to suppress and controvert and search and seizure issues; Property Crimesincluding Theft and embezzlement; Domestic Violenceincluding Misdemeanor and Felony Assault In The Fourth Degree and Harassment; and Measure 11 Crimes including Arson, Felony Assault In The First and Second Degree, Manslaughter In The First and Second Degree, Robbery In The First and Second Degree, and on a selective basis, Sexual Abuse In The First Degree.

Mr. O’Rourke also defends persons on Probation and at Probation Violation Hearings in Oregon. He can often get people with outstanding Arrest Warrants and Failure to Appear Warrants back into the Oregon judicial system without having to go to jail.

Mr. O’Rourke is very successful at getting persons released from custody through Release Hearings. He is recommended by the Canadian Consulate to Canadian citizens who seek release from jail so that they can go home during the pendency of State and Federal criminal proceedings in the United States.

Mr. O’Rourke represents persons in Expungement (Sealing) Of Criminal Records and Restoration of Gun Rightsproceedings in Oregon.


As an Oregon DUI Defense Lawyer, Mr. O’Rourke represents persons being investigated for or charged with Misdemeanor and Felony DUIDUII, DWI, Driving Under The Influence Of Intoxicants and Related Charges including: Reckless DrivingRecklessly Endangering Another PersonFelony Assault In The Third or Fourth Degree,Criminal MischiefFailure To Perform The Duties Of A Driver – Hit and RunDriving While Suspended (DWS) orRevoked (DWR).

If you are arrested for DUI in Oregon, you should have a DMV Hearing. You may be eligible for DUII Diversion. Many persons have problems completing their DUII Diversion requirements and need our help with DUII Diversion Revocation Hearings. One of the penalties for conviction of DUI and many of the Related Charges is Drivers License Suspension. Most people are eligible to get a Hardship License. Mr. O’Rourke effectively helps his clients with all of these issues.

Attorney James O’Rourke has recently enjoyed very good results in the following Oregon Courts: The U.S. Federal District Court Of Oregon, Multnomah County Circuit Courts in Portland and Gresham, Washington County Circuit Court Oregon, Clackamas County Circuit Court, Wasco County Circuit Court, Clatsop County Circuit Court, Hood River County Circuit Court, Beaverton Municipal Court, Canby Municipal Court, Lake Oswego Municipal Court, Troutdale Municipal Court, Columbia County Circuit Court in St. Helens and West Linn Municipal Court.

Mr. O’Rourke has the focused training, experience, and attitude of a Criminal Defense Lawyer dedicated to representing people in Oregon. He lectures on criminal defense subjects to persons who are or who have been defendants and professionals who help them. He has no past or current affiliations with prosecutorial, public service or other law enforcement related groups or agencies.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Mr. O’Rourke represents persons and the estates of persons injured or killed due to the fault of others.

Mr. O’Rourke and his staff work as a team for you to protect and assert your rights while you heal from your injuries. He deals with the other party’s insurance company and your own insurance company to obtain payment for medical billsand lost wages through PIP personal injury Protection coverage, automobile repair and replacement and rental car expense. He works with your medical and health care professionals to develop a proper record to support your claim. Mr. O’Rourke work works with you by explaining your rights and guiding you through each step of the claim recovery process.

There are four areas in which lawyer James O’Rourke can work to maximize your recovery from insurance companies: investigation and case preparation, negotiation, mediation and trial. Most cases are settled fairly and to the client’s satisfaction without trial. Mr. O’Rourke’s reputation is based upon the results he has achieved for his clients.

Mr. O’Rourke represents injured persons and the estates of those killed due to the fault of others including: vehicle accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, big trucks and bicycles including, rear-end, intersection and freeway collisions, victims of uninsured drivers and hit and run drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, victims of animal attacks and persons injured inconstruction and work site accidents and boating accidents.

Mr. O’Rourke represents victims of DUII, DUI and drunk drivers making claims against insurance companies. The same legal issues, evidence and witnesses involved in DUI and related charge cases are involved in personal injury vehicle accidents cases. Mr. O’Rourke’s knowledge of Oregon’s criminal justice system and experience as a Portland criminal defense lawyer allow him to often get extra compensation for his clients from defendants in criminal cases over and above what they get from insurance companies. He knows how to help crime victims and defendants resolve their differences to their mutual advantage.

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Mr. O’Rourke understands the problems and feelings of frustration you and your family are experiencing due to your injuries and the claim process. He knows how to address your problems and concerns.

Same day, evening, weekend, at home and hospital appointments are available upon request.

No fee is charged if there is not monetary recovery. Mr. O’Rourke does not charge for helping you negotiate a fair settlement for your vehicle loss.

Former client references are available upon request.

I Remember Feeling Hope
     As a practicing alcoholic, the entire backdrop of my life was covered in secrecy and shame. When I was charged with a DUI, the facade that I had been working so hard to maintain was completely ripped away. So abruptly, the jig was up and everyone at once knew the truth about me. (Read More...)
– A. C.
He Gave Me Peace of Mind That I Didn't Know Was Possible.

At the end of 2010 my lifestyle had once again caught up with me. I had developed a number of addictions and was seeking treatment. I had lost my job of 10 years as a railroad conductor due to my addiction and was now facing criminal charges. My life was spiraling out of control. I wanted to just run away from all of my problems. Instead I picked up the phone and called James.

(Read More...)
– J. B.
Representation, Professionalism, Knowledge, and True Caring Nature.

During the summer of 2008 I hit a low in my life, one that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. My alcohol addiction/abuse had become so reckless that I did not care about anyone or anything, including myself. This was overwhelmingly apparent when, after drinking heavily one evening, I jumped in my car while intoxicated (just like I always did) and drove less than one mile; I got into a head-on collision. (Read More...)

– B. H.
I Am Humbled by His Goodness and Grateful for the Gift of His Representation.

I retained James O'Rourke to handle my alcohol related legal issues. His reputation for handling cases like mine was impeccable. My expectation was for him to find a loophole in my case and get me out of trouble. Based on my previous experience with attorneys I was skeptical.

(Read More...)
– C. M.
When I Hired Mr. O’Rourke, Everything Changed..

I called Mr. O’Rourke’s office after having a bad experience with my first lawyer. I was in a very bad situation with a DUII. A conviction would have ruined my military career. My first lawyer just wasn’t helping me and I was afraid that I was going to be convicted because the DA was objecting to me going into Diversion.

(Read More...)
– M. B.
Prompt, Knowledgeable and Efficient Legal Services

Mr. O'Rourke, I wish to personally thank you for the prompt, knowledgeable and efficient legal services you recently provided to our family. My wife and I are both retired Federal law enforcement officials. As such, both of us have spent quite a large portion of our careers in and around various local, state and federal criminal courts. (Read More...)

– David D.
Jim's Comprehensive View of our Son's Problems Has Been Invaluable.

Our experience with Jim O'Rourke and his staff was excellent. He handled our son's legal problem (DUI charge) very skillfully and brought about a successful resolution in the form of a diversion agreement. Throughout this process he and his staff kept us informed and were available when we had questions. (Read More...)

– A Mother

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